The Characters

Thaddeus Barley – an idealistic young man on the cusp of adulthood. From the village of Harvest, he is expected to follow his family’s traditional labours and become a farmer. But his ambitions will drive him in a different direction. He will breach the great barrier and see the other side.

Hannah Weber – already an accomplished naturalist from the mining town of Copperton, she will join Thaddeus on his grand adventure. Lucky for him, as she will become the only person with the knowledge and presence of mind to process the amazing discoveries that await them.

Helga Bellows – Thaddeus has loved her since he first saw her when they were both just children. She won’t join him on his quest though, her priorities are her father and his trade.

Thor Kiln – It’s saying something to describe Thor’s heart as big as his chest. His regular work is to craft metal into functional objects, but on Thaddeus’ quest he will use his skills to help them all discover the true nature of their world.

Barnabas Johansen – No one before Thaddeus has ever made it to the barrier and returned to tell the tale. Except the isolated hermit who lives in a cave far from Harvest’s village square. He doesn’t like visitors, so Thaddeus must be very careful when seeking his counsel.

Mortimer Bellows – His amazing inventions have kept the miners of Copperton productive, his acolyte Hannah is the perfect fit for Thaddeus’ quest, and he may have invented exactly what Thaddeus needs.

Xerub – Every Preserve has a Caretaker, an artificially intelligent being to monitor the humans and ensure their health and happiness. Xerub has been online for a mere three hundred years, and Caretaker for even less. But in that short time it has developed an affinity for the humans that goes beyond an AI’s basic programming and will guide its actions as Thaddeus’ grand quest takes shape.

Ahimsa – One of the original seven robots, a member of the Central Council, and the architect of the Preserve Program. It will use these events to further its own agenda and set the AI’s on a course that will radically change them, their culture, and their relationship with the humans forever.

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  1. I had the honour of being a beta reader for this story. I found the characters interesting and relatable. The relationships felt genuine and the story has stuck with me.

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