Author’s “Bio”

Two decades in the I.T. industry created in Kai Üwe an understanding of how humans and robots will interact and evolve together that he did not see, or read, in modern science fiction. Inspired by the collected short stories of Rod Serling, Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhiker’s” books, and the love he gets from those closest to him every day, he created ‘The Preserve’. More books are on the way.

He believes the correct rank for Star Trek Captains is as follows: Kirk, Picard, Pike, Sisko, Janeway, and that guy in the mechanic’s overalls. He will offer arguments in support of said ranking, but only if you have never watched an episode and prefer Star Wars. Proudly cynical and happily skeptical, he admits he needs to get past being angry at poorly designed machine interfaces.  He is Canadian, a father to two daughters, a son of intellectuals, and brother to a dope he’s long wanted to spite on his author’s bio page. He lives in Alberta with the love of his life and their cat and despite his name, does not speak a word of German.

Except the ones we can all speak plus a couple of swear words (thanks dad!).