The Preserve – The Back Jacket

Four huge Preserves encage the remnants of humanity. The robots built them to save their creators from extinction. But now the whole program is forgotten after so many centuries.

Inside Europa–1, a young man needs to know why the barrier exists. Once this harvest is complete he will lead a team from all five villages on the grandest quest his people have ever attempted. They will breach the massive wall.

It’s an audacious plan. For many the barrier is a protector, although no one really knows why it’s there. They don’t even know if another side exists.

Even in the long-ignored Preserves, grand quests get noticed. Two AI’s monitor these events closely. Although it goes against the most important rule of the Preserve system, they will allow the humans to proceed.

After all, its the perfect opportunity to advance a grand project of their own.

2 Replies to “The Preserve – The Back Jacket”

  1. I think this is one of the most unique books I’ve ever read. The story follows young Thadeus curious to explore his world and the the possibilities that exist outside of it. It’s a story that brought me in right from the beginning with a twist I wouldn’t have expected. A fun and thought provoking read! I’m excited to dive deeper into this world!

  2. I really loved that Uwe approached this science fiction in such a unique way while still tipping his hat to the greats that came before him. The concept of pushing past the status quo and having the courage to seek knowledge resounds strongly.

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