The Characters

Thaddeus Barley – an idealistic young man on the cusp of adulthood. From the village of Harvest, he is expected to follow his family’s traditional labours and become a farmer. But his ambitions will drive

Front Cover

The Preserve – A Novel, by Kai Üwe One young man leads his people on an incredible journey to answer the ultimate question, “Why are we here?” They should have been asking, “What is here?”

What is ‘The Preserve’?

The Preserve is soft sci-fi, an easy read for a long weekend escape. Can we use the term ‘long-novella’? I take the relationship between people and artificially intelligent beings and flip it from traditional sci-fi;

The Preserve – The Back Jacket

Four huge Preserves encage the remnants of humanity. The robots built them to save their creators from extinction. But now the whole program is forgotten after so many centuries. Inside Europa–1, a young man needs

Harvest and The Barrier

Life is pre-industrial in The Preserve. The people farm, mine, and craft much like their ancestors did, before the changes. Here we see a farm, in the distance are the mountains, and beyond them rising